New Patients

We ask new patients to fill in a detailed health questionnaire and to send this in to us before their attendance for the initial consultation. We try to download all pathology results for the preceding 12 months, but we ask you to bring to the initial appointment; any pathology results you have, all imaging reports and specialist letters for the past 12 months, a list of all current medications and the actual bottles of all current supplements (or photos of their ingredient list)

The initial appointment with Dr Turtle is booked for 1 and a half hours, although may take longer or less time as required. We ask patients to ensure that they allow enough time for this consultation.

Adults should attend without children, and children as patients should be accompanied with at least 1 parent but no other children. We ask toddlers as patients to be accompanied by two adults and no other children.

We always try to be on time, but occasionally Dr Turtle’s patients may have extra complexities, need extra time and sometimes this means he may be running late. We ask you to please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, and to have no other engagements booked till at least 1 hour after your appointment should have finished.

Parking is for up to 2 hours on the surrounding streets, with up to 4 hours in the council carpark in Vista St. We are a short walking distance from the Spit Junction Bus hub.