Elizabeth Cowley


Naturopath and Nutritionist

B.H.Sc  U.N.E. ( Naturopathy ) Adv Dip              D.Nut   DRM     BSc (BIT

Elizabeth Cowley is a degree qualified Naturopath, as well as having a Diploma of Nutrition, who has been working as a full time Naturopathic practitioner for over 14 years now. Ongoing professional development ensures Elizabeth is kept up to date with the latest research to offer the best in complementary care.

Elizabeth has long experience in helping patients with a variety of health issues, especially chronic gut problems, women’s health and fertility, and chronic fatigue. She uses a variety of modalities in treatment, including dietary management to optimise nutrition and avoid allergens and food sensitivities, nutritional supplements where needed and medical herbalism when appropriate.

Oasis Integrative Medicine is very happy to welcome Elizabeth to our team. Patients will be seeing Elizabeth for:

  • Co-managing patients of Dr Turtle. Once a treatment plan has been established by Dr Turtle, Elizabeth will help in implementation and fine tuning of those plans.

  • Managing dietary changes. Elizabeth is able to provide more time and expertise to facilitate the successful implementation of dietary recommendations.

  • Elizabeth will also be able to directly manage any patients who do not need a Doctor’s intervention, though with recourse to seek such opinion or on-refer if necessary.

Elizabeth blends a warm engaging manner with her passion for natural health. She carries this passion through to her personal life, sustaining a healthy balanced green lifestyle, growing her own organic food and medicinal herbs, spending time with her daughter, family and friends and enjoying the great outdoors.

Elizabeth is currently available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her fees are $150 and hour