Who we are 

We are a team of five health practitioners bringing a comprehensive breadth of expertise and experience to the holistic management of all health issues, most particularly the management chronic and complex disease, functional medicine issues, and wellness programs. 

Dr Jonathan Turtle MB BS   FACNEM      
General Practitioner with over 30 years’ experience as a Specialised Integrative Doctor, Dr Turtle is the founder and principal of Oasis Integrative Medicine. Special interests include chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain and inflammatory disease, gastro-intestinal disease, mood and memory problems, chronic immunological, allergic and infective disease, menopausal and other hormonal management. 

Elizabeth Cowley Adv Dip (Nut)    B HSc (Nat) 
Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 12 years’ experience in general clinical practice. Special interests include all gut abnormalities, infertility and dietary management. 

Michal Baghlani BA (Psych)  Post Grad Dip (Psych)
Registered Psychologist with over 10 years’ experience in managing all types of psychological conditions with a focus on rehabilitation from chronic health problems. 

Laura Kavanagh Dip soft tissue therapy    Dip Pilates Physical
Therapist with over 15 years’ experience as a soft tissue therapist, and 5 years’ experience as Pilates practitioner and Movement therapist. 

Susie Baird Dip Nat    BN
Registered Nurse with special expertise and experience in cannulation for intravenous treatments.  

Philosophy and Management   

Our philosophy is to provide a high level of care with an integrative approach to management. We look at the whole person to understand the complex physiology underlying symptoms and disease, as well as appreciating how to harness and maximise the body’s own health recovery systems in relieving and resolving those conditions.  

Health management thus focuses on  

Firstly, ensuring optimal diet and lifestyle management, physical and psychosocial, and environmental factors                
Then, using natural therapies, nutritional supplements, herbal treatments and bio-identical hormones as required
and finally, adding medications if required, and there are no other effective management tools available. 

New Patients  

We ask new patients to fill in a detailed health questionnaire and to send this in to us before their attendance for the initial consultation. We try to download all pathology results for the preceding 12 months, but we ask you to bring to the initial appointment; any pathology results you have, all imaging reports and specialist letters for the past 12 months, a list of all current medications and the actual bottles of all current supplements (or photos of their ingredient list)  

The initial appointment with Dr Turtle is booked for 1 and a half hours, although may take longer or less time as required. We ask patients to ensure that they allow enough time for this consultation.  

Adults should attend without children, and children as patients should be accompanied with at least 1 parent but no other children. We ask toddlers as patients to be accompanied by two adults and no other children.  

We always try to be on time, but occasionally Dr Turtle’s patients may have extra complexities, need extra time and sometimes this means he may be running late. We ask you to please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, and to have no other engagements booked till at least 1 hour after your appointment should have finished. 

Parking is for up to 2 hours on the surrounding streets, with up to 4 hours in the council carpark in Vista St. We are a short walking distance from the Spit Junction Bus hub. 

Fees and Charges


Dr Turtle, Integrative Medical Doctor
Initial consultations are charged at the rate of $400 an hour, 
all subsequent consultations are charged at the rate of $350 an hour.
Time charged includes that spent face to face in consultations, as well as that spent with clinical management tasks, email correspondence, phone calls, referrals and reports.
Rebate form Medicare is $105.55 for an initial consultation and $37.05 for all subsequent face to face consultations.
Skype and phone consultations do not attract any rebate.  

Elizabeth Cowley, Naturopath and Nutritionist
Consultations are $150 for 1 hour and $90 for 30 minutes 

Michal Baghlani, Psychologist      
Consultations are $170 for 1 hour, and $90 for 30 mins 

Laura Kavanagh, Massage and Movement Therapist
Treatment sessions are $160 for an initial 90minute evaluation, $120 for a standard 1-hour session.  
Ten 1-hour sessions may be booked at the discounted rate of $1100.  

Non-attendance fees Without cancellation or rebooking at least 24 hours prior to an appointment will incur a non-attendance fee of half of the fee anticipated for the time booked.  

The Dispensary

The Clinic provides a Dispensary of most of the Nutritional supplements prescribed. This is to ensure that patients have easy access to the specific supplements required, ensuring the highest quality supplements are used, many of which are difficult to access, and to keep the costs of all supplements dispensed as affordable a price as possible.  

Discounts are offered to pensioners and to patients buying large quantities of supplements. Please discuss these details with the reception staff. 

Far Infra-Red Sauna 

One 30-minute sessions is $40. A group of Ten 30 minutes sessions is $250 


Oasis Integrative Medicine provides management options that include intramuscular and intravenous injections of certain treatments, vitamins and minerals as well as chelation protocols.  

Pathology tests          

Investigations are ordered by the practitioners, as specifically required by your individual history and clinical findings, to help in the diagnosis and management of your issues. Tests include some pathology and imaging that are covered by Medicare, some pathology that is only covered by Medicare for specific limited indications that are not applicable for the reasons at that session, or pathology for which there is no Medicare coverage at all. Some of these non-Medicare tests may be covered by private health insurance, some may not. It is common for investigations for a chronic or complex medical history to require out-of-pocket pathology costs not covered by Medicare of the order of $200 to $1000.